Busy Bees Enrichment Program Horn Elementary

Class Descriptions


Chess – Beginner & Intermediate (Grades K-5) Students will learn and practice the rules of the game, opening moves, tactics and strategies. Our beginner class gives students a solid foundation in chess that they will have the rest of their lives.  Intermediate players are taught strategies and tactics to help take their game to the next level. Intermediate players will also reinforce their knowledge by mentoring beginner students. Fun tournaments are held during the class where students are paired up to encourage teamwork and healthy competition. Students learn to use chess clocks during their chess games to experience tournament play. Chess has many benefits by providing mental exercise that promote problem solving, critical thinking and leadership skills. Provided by Vampire Squid Labs


Culinary Class (Grades K-5) In this class, your children will a stir a lot of fun with fun themes and activities focused on food, cooking and nutrition. They will learn the basics of cooking and food prep and enjoy a hands-on experience.


Engineering (Grades K-5) Students are exposed to engineering through creative art-based hands on projects. The class teaches students about electrical, mechanical, and civil engineering.  Students will build projects that teach them about hydraulics, electromagnetics, acoustics, circuits, simple machines, and more.  The class helps demystify the magic world children live in.  Students learn that phones have GPS modules, processors, and accelerometers that allow them to do many amazing things.  The curriculum is created by engineers and is taught by engineering college students that can help guide and answer students’ questions about the various facets of engineering and available educational and career paths. Provided by Vampire Squid Labs


Martial Arts (Grades K-5)  This is a self-defense class where students will be taught discipline, respect and self-defense techniques. This class is designed for fun while obtaining a positive learning experience. They will focus on physical and mental development. Some of the topics for this class are: respect, discipline, basic-blocking techniques, and physical fitness; plus games that will teach coordination, balance, flexibility and nutrition. Provided by Ravlin Martial Arts


Science (Grades K-5)  Students learn about science through hands on interactive projects designed to stimulate curiosity about our physical world.  The class reinforces what students learn in science class through highly interactive labs where they visualize frequencies and sound waves on an oscilloscope, see matter transform while learning about chemical reactions, learn about the states of matter, phase changes, momentum, polymers, thermal conductivity, atoms, electromagnetic spectrum and light. We will utilize the scientific method to practice problem solving. Students will explore various scientific concepts and more through the wonderful world of science. Provided by Vampire Squid Labs


Spanish (Grades K-5)  Students are taught Spanish through a fun interactive encouraging and Spanish rich environment. The class will explore different Spanish speaking regions of the world through music, stories, games, art, and crafts. These lessons and activities will inspire and provide students with the desire to interact and communicate with each other in Spanish. Students will be provided with take home material to facilitate their practice outside of the class. Provided by Vampire Squid Labs