What They're Saying about Busy Bees After-School Programs


Busy Bees has been beneficial to TJ both academically and socially. The biggest benefit, in my opinion, is homework. TJ is more successful turning in his homework when it had been completed in Busy Bees. The one year that TJ was not in Busy Bees was his worst year in turned in assignments. He also enjoys playing with his friends and often complains when we pick him up early. TJ always liked his Busy Bees teachers and we as parents know he is safe.

Rodrick has gained a lot of insight from his time in Busy Bees. His focus and time management have improved. He enjoys Busy Bees and has benefited greatly with school work as well as some life lessons.

Hayden has been in the Busy Bees program after school since kindergarten. He has learned self-discipline as he knows that he needs to complete his homework before he gets to play. He also gets to mingle with kids from other classes so is able to make more friends.

My kids loved Busy Bees ( my daughter was enrolled at Busy Bees for 5 years and my son is in his 4th year enrollment). I do believe this is a great after school program.  My son loves it so much that when I pick him up early he mentions to me that he wants to stay longer. They have a great program and a lot of extra activities. The team is great and they notify you right away of any issues. They also have a good follow up on homework with the kids and help them with it. Overall, I will definitely recommend the program.

We really love the teachers at the program. They have the perfect balance of giving enough freedom to the kids so that they are happy, but still manage to keep them disciplined and well-mannered. And of course, Mr. Andre is wonderful! Kind and a loving toward the kids, but still is able to keep his authority, and take every opportunity teach them something important!

My kids have been going to Busy Bees for the last 4 years. Busy Bees is a an after school program that has been an asset for us.  We believe it’s very helpful that kids spend time doing homework and get playtime with their friends to burn off energy. Subsequently, we have more family focused and fun time at home. The enrichment program is great and has allowed my kids to participate in activities they enjoy.

Want Busy Bees on your school campus?

We are expanding our after-school program locations in the Houston area starting January 2019.   If you are interested in having Busy Bees at your child's campus, please let us hear from you!

Upon starting kindergarten in Horn Elementary, our family was very anxious about choosing the right after-school program for my son. We were very happy to learn, that Busy Bees offers an onsite after school program. Considering the chaos at pickup every day at school, it was important to us that we do not need to worry about transportation, and Laszlo can simply stay in the school building. Busy Bees also has a well-balanced routine for the kids that includes homework time, playtime (outside if weather permits), and free time to read, do artwork or play. There are also various enrichment programs that we are able to take advantage of; based on my son’s interest this year we decided to enroll in engineering, science and Spanish. This gives him the opportunity to learn outside of the classroom, but also helps us parents, as we do not need to jam all of our extracurricular activities into the weekend. Laszlo truly enjoys being in Busy Bees; and it makes me happy that I see him happy. He is cheerful and smiling at pickup time and is full of stories of what he did in the afternoon and cannot wait to explain what he has learned in the enrichment classes. He also met many other kids in the program, and he formed really deep friendships. Currently, with several of Busy Bees buddies, he is working hard on writing comic books.

Jacob has been attending Busy Bees since he started kindergarten in 2016. We have been extremely happy with the caring and nurturing environment that the staff at Busy Bee provides. I am extremely happy with the fact that Jacob’s homework assignments are completed when I pick him up from Busy Bees, and are always correct due to staff willingness to help. Also, busy bees offers optional enrichment programs throughout the week to give students a “break” from academics. I will continue Jacob in Busy Bees for his entire tenure at Horn because I’ve been completely satisfied with the program. Busy Bees is convenient, fun and the staff are wonderful

The Busy Bees program has been very helpful to our family. There are so many great things about the program that makes sense for our family. We feel safe and comfortable with the staff there. They are knowledgeable, good with our kids, and extremely helpful! They do a great job keeping the kids in line. Not only are my kids are happy in the program, I am also happy with the program. We trust our kids in their hands! The added bonus is they help my kids with their homework, which in turn saves is time!!! We love the program!

My daughters love the time with Busy Bees as they have the opportunity to regularly work and play with many of their friends and peers. Busy Bees has become an important part of our family's life and I truly appreciate  Busy Bees' thoughtful and skilled leadership. The Busy Bees approach is great combination of structured and unstructured time that allows the children to learn and build skills beyond academics in a supportive environment.

Busy bees is a fantastic after school program. My son Landon has attended Busy Bees since 1st grade and is now in 5th grade. Busy Bees has helped Landon to develop personal and interpersonal skills and has also provided help with homework and other learning activities that provide academic enrichment.

We started Busy Bees when our son Hunter was in Kindergarten. What we love most is the face-to-face interaction with the staff every day and instant communication. If our son is having a great day or a rough afternoon the Director is there to let me know. The staff really gets to know the kids and understands the needs of each child. Hunter looks forward to the time he spends there!

Busy Bees at Horn Elementary is very focused on the children's needs. One of my children was having a hard day and pushing boundaries, Busy Bees responded with love and compassion. I am notified when my children go above & beyond, and when they are not acting like themselves. My children love their teachers and that they are nurturing at the same time, which encourages growth. I love that my children are doing their homework while at Busy Bees. When I need to change from the normal schedule, Busy Bees responds swiftly.